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Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement: Part 2

divorce lawyer orlando flIn a previous blog post, The Law Offices of J. Craig Bourne discussed how prenuptial agreements could be a fair document that allows you and your partner to outline certain financial aspects to protect you, your business, and your family in the unfortunate event of a divorce. Filing for a prenuptial agreement before you enter a marriage can bring you and your partner many benefits that will offer you security and peace of mind. Below we list a few important benefits of a prenuptial agreement.

  • Financial Relationship

Finances can be a major stress in a marriage. Since a prenuptial agreement focuses on you and your spouse’s financial obligations, filing for this document can help you and your partner avoid future arguments regarding money. Negotiating a prenuptial agreement requires you and your partner to be fully open regarding your financial information, including your income, debt, inheritances, and assets. Being open with one another will allow for a trusting relationship.

  • Communication & Compromise

A prenuptial agreement involves intense communication and compromising to best understand one another’s needs and concerns. It is important to reach an agreement to be on the same page during your marriage.

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Helping Your Child Cope with Divorce: Part 2

divorce lawyer orlando flIn a previous post, we discussed the harsh reality of divorce and how it can affect everyone involved, including the parents and the children. Dealing with change can be a difficult situation to navigate, which is why your trusted divorce lawyer in Orlando, FL has provided helpful ways to help your child cope with your separation.

Don’t Fight in Front of Your Children

When it comes to your children, you should never fight with your ex-partner in front of them. Fighting about finances and the separation should be done when your children are nowhere near. This is important to follow to help your children healthily adjust to the divorce.

Always Smile When Dropping Your Children Off

Expressing a positive attitude when dropping your children off to spend time with your ex will help them feel more comfortable with the situation. Having a peaceful interaction with the other parent will make everything else less tense.

Let Your Children Express Their Disappointment

We have discussed that open communication is vital while coping with divorce, but encouraging your children to express their sincere feelings of disappointment will help them understand the reality of the situation. Dealing with all emotions is essential to coping.

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Important Things to Remember During a Divorce

divorce lawyer orlando flAt The Law Office of J. Craig Bourne,  we understand that most divorces are stressful and complicated, which is why we work hard to protect  your rights.  While every divorce is unique depending on the facts and circumstances of each case, there are a few general things to remember that apply to most divorce cases. Below we list essential suggestions that can make your divorce process more manageable.

  • Move Forward

With any tragic event in your life, it is important to take time to grieve your pain and process the situation at hand.  At each stage of the divorce process, it is vital to leave the past in the past and to look forward to the future. Forgiving yourself and your ex-partner is a healthy way to stop looking back to grow and move forward.

  • Leave Family and Friends Out of the Divorce

Divorce can be an emotional and stressful time, which could lead you to want to consult and vent to your friends and family. We highly suggest you leave your family and loved ones out of the divorce to allow everyone to stay neutral and cordial.  Significant others sometimes have their own agenda, and it may not be compatible with what is best for you or your children.

They are also less likely to forgive your ex-partner, and that could impact your ability to co-parent.

  • Do Not Agree to Anything Without Understanding the Full Context

It is important to not sign any divorce agreements without understanding the document in its entirety.  It is much more expensive to hire an attorney to try to modify a bad agreement than it is to get it done correctly the first time.  Our skilled attorney can help guide you through the legal process to ensure you know your rights before you make any binding decisions in writing.

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