Meet Family Law Attorney in Orlando, FL: J. Craig Bourne

J. Craig Bourne

Craig Bourne is well-versed in several legal practice areas to best serve his clients. As your dedicated family law attorney in Orlando, FL, Craig Bourne takes the time to listen to his clients and to understand the problems that caused them to reach out to him for help.  He believes that while most attorneys understand the law, they rarely take the time to adequately explain how the Court will seek to apply those laws to each client’s unique facts and circumstances.   He believes that it is important for the client to clearly understand the options available to the client, so the attorney and the client can make informed decisions about which strategy to pursue.

Craig Bourne was born in Barbados and moved to Central Florida in 1982.  He was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1994 and graduated from the following institutions:

  • Lake Brantley High School, Altamonte Springs, Florida: 1987
  • University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida (Bachelor of Arts): 1990
  • University of Florida College of Law, Gainesville, Florida (Juris Doctor): 1993

Whether you need a litigation lawyer in Orlando, FL or a bankruptcy lawyer in Orlando, FL, Craig is committed to fighting for your rights when you are facing some of the hardest life decisions you may ever face.  Contact our office in Orlando, Florida, at (407) 894-6750 for free information or to schedule a comprehensive free consultation.