Helping Your Child Cope with Divorce: Part 2

divorce lawyer orlando flIn a previous post, we discussed the harsh reality of divorce and how it can affect everyone involved, including the parents and the children. Dealing with change can be a difficult situation to navigate, which is why your trusted divorce lawyer in Orlando, FL has provided helpful ways to help your child cope with your separation.

Don’t Fight in Front of Your Children

When it comes to your children, you should never fight with your ex-partner in front of them. Fighting about finances and the separation should be done when your children are nowhere near. This is important to follow to help your children healthily adjust to the divorce.

Always Smile When Dropping Your Children Off

Expressing a positive attitude when dropping your children off to spend time with your ex will help them feel more comfortable with the situation. Having a peaceful interaction with the other parent will make everything else less tense.

Let Your Children Express Their Disappointment

We have discussed that open communication is vital while coping with divorce, but encouraging your children to express their sincere feelings of disappointment will help them understand the reality of the situation. Dealing with all emotions is essential to coping.

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