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Keep your family together throughout any situation when you trust the team at J. Craig Bourne Attorney at Law. Our firm is your source for family law services in Orlando, FL, and surrounding areas. Whether you are dealing with custody issues or missed child support payments, count on us to provide you with the top service for every situation. Our compassionate family law attorney in Orlando, FL is dedicated to providing superior legal representation.

Establishing Paternity

Unfortunately, many men end up paying child support, only to learn later on that they are not the biological father of the child in question. In these situations, it may be too late to challenge the payments. Ensure your rights are protected by using our family law services to determine the true paternity of the minor.

If you are not 100% certain that you are the child’s biological father, it is important that you not sign the birth certificate, as this will affect your ability to request genetic testing in the future. Even if paternity establishment has occurred in a child support case, a paternity case will be the proper forum to establish parental responsibility, time-sharing, child support, and the division of the right to claim the child as a dependent for income tax purposes.

Child Support Payments

Child support is calculated under Section 61.30, Florida Statutes. In the state of Florida, child support amounts are based upon the income of both parents. Each parent pays his or her share of the support obligation.

To ensure you are paying a fair amount, turn to our child support lawyer for family law services. We have extensive experience in all types of support cases, including ones involving shared custody agreements.

Requesting Alimony

When divorce will leave one party unable to resume the standard of living he or she enjoyed during marriage, a request for spousal support may be made. Unlike child support, there are no guidelines for a court to follow in determining the amount of alimony to be awarded. Each case is determined by the judge based on the facts and circumstances of the case, including need and ability to pay, marital standard of living, and each party’s earning capacity.

Filing Prenuptial Agreements

Few people enter into a marriage with the expectation that it will fail. As a result, most people fail to plan for the possible consequences of a divorce. In a world filled with unknowns, it is more important than ever to protect yourself in the event of a split. We offer our family law services for those looking to file a fair prenuptial agreement before their union takes place.

The Need for Modifications

Sometimes, things change. If your circumstances have changed, you may have a case to adjust the terms of your divorce agreement.

Unfortunately, it is important to remember that amending a divorce decree is more difficult than people expect. Because the courts do not frequently reopen closed cases, you must prove that a permanent, substantial, involuntary, and unanticipated change in circumstances has occurred. With our family law services, you will be able to file the proper paperwork for your situation.

Domestic Violence Injunctions

Unfortunately, relationships sometimes end poorly. While it is important to take every accusation of domestic battery seriously, there are situations where individuals may try to misuse the system to gain an unfair advantage of their former partner in court.

If you have been served with a petition for injunction, turn to us for family law services as soon as possible. Our experienced attorney is available to represent you in court. By speaking with us as soon as possible, you may be able to avoid long-lasting negative impacts from the accusation.

Dealing with family matters can be a difficult situation to navigate, which is why the team at J. Craig Bourne Attorney at Law works alongside you to fight for your legal rights. Whether you need an alimony attorney in Orlando, FL or a child custody attorney in Orlando, FL, Craig has the skills and resources available to provide you with quality legal services. Contact our dedicated lawyer today at (407) 894-6750 to request a free consultation.