Establishing Ground Rules with Your Ex

family law attorney orlando flWhen dealing with divorce, it is essential to have a dedicated divorce and family law attorney in Orlando, FL that has you and your children’s best interest in mind. Navigating through your divorce can be a difficult situation, which is why J. Craig Bourne works hard to offer his superior legal representation and helpful advice through this huge change in life. To have a civil separation, both parties should accept the new way of life and establish healthy ground rules. Below we list a few main rules you should set with your ex after your divorce.

  1. Communication with your ex should be limited to only discuss matters dealing with legal situations or issues dealing with your children. Speaking to your ex via phone or written communication is vital to creating this new relationship. Conversations should be very impersonal and exact to help protect your new privacy and personal issues to avoid emotional interactions.
  2. Protect your children by not involving them in any communication between you and your ex. This is a must have a ground rule to help them healthily cope with the divorce.
  3. Speak to each other in only a respectful manner. If communication becomes negative or inappropriate, it is essential you end the discussion immediately to prove to your ex you will not tolerate that behavior.

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