Advantages of Florida Chapter 7 Filing

chapter 7 lawyer orlando flOur Chapter 7 lawyer in Orlando, FL, believes financial troubles should not be managed alone. The Law Offices of J. Craig Bourne is here to be a trusted source for legal options during your time of financial stress. Our law firm understands your needs in regards to bankruptcy protection and strives to provide the correct choice that best fits your needs. Chapter 7 bankruptcies are a common choice for many who no longer can afford payments on credits cards or are being sued. Below we discuss the advantages of a Florida Chapter 7 filing.


  • You will have a fresh start to your financial life. Once the bankruptcy is cleared, you will only be responsible for paying secured assets, which is upon signing a “Reaffirmation Agreement.”
  • On the date of filing, you secure protection against creditor’s collection efforts and wage garnishments.
  • The new wages and property you earn after the stated bankruptcy file date is completely yours. You do not owe the creditors or bankruptcy court unless you have an inheritance.
  • To file for a Florida Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you do not have to have a minimum debt.
  • These cases are often considered short in length and last only three to six months.

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